If you read my posts and articles to get women’s market and consumer behavior insights, you’re also finding a lot of great information these days about how to market to the sustainable marketplace (and how that is so connected to marketing to women).

Well, my presentations give you all that and more: my in-person passion!  I customize the topics for each speaking engagement and usually pre-interview a few attendees so that I can deliver industry-specific applications/stories, give one-on-one answers to burning questions, and provide an overview of larger trends influencing the women’s market and sustainable consumers that matter to your audience.  (All of this is wrapped in humor, with business and cultural connections you’d never see coming.)

Previous audience members have described my presenting style as natural, accessible, funny and engaging.  And, I always try to attend a session or two before my presentation, so I can meet a few people and get to know the context in which my information will most fit their needs.

As a speaker, my mission is to dig in, talk with people and begin to understand the more immediate concerns of my audiences.  Then, I am able to tap my women’s market, consumer culture and sustainability expertise to jumpstart your audience’s new thinking – and start the evolution.

To learn more, or schedule me for your next meeting/event, please contact me at andrea [at] learnedon [dot] com, or call: 206-466-2648 (in VT).