Living Change: A Quest for Climate Leadership

Season 1 has launched, and is available on your favorite podcast listening platform. It’s been lovely to see 5 star ratings and reviews post already. 

Even though they don’t have the word “sustainability” in their title, there ARE a lot of leaders out there who care deeply about their impact on the environment. In Season 1 of Living Change, I talk with a range of guests on the corporate, political, and cultural spectrum who leverage their own climate influence in quiet but powerful ways.

From mayors and legislators across North America, to an Emmy-winning writer/producer to a globally recognized radio DJ to a consumer goods CFO, these folks tell inspirational stories of climate impact in their industries.  

Founded in my decade (plus) of monitoring the full landscape of corporate sustainability and climate leadership, I’m now using my access to the vast networks of leaders in those spaces to identify the unique stories that need to be amplified.

This podcast is all about the enthusiastic, hopeful, and fun stories of professionals using their work or business ventures to help shift the social norms around “leadership” in the Climate Crisis age.

Living Change is “A Quest for Climate Leadership” through sharing the experiences and practices of those who might be called surprising validators. It’s past time to hear and better leverage these.