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Climate Change Manifesto

The power of reflecting your lifestyle to affect change cannot be undersold.

The masses no longer pay attention to big, professionally crafted global climate stage moments. Stop wasting your budget there! 

Climate emergency requires strong individual leadership and influence!

It’s time for leaders like you to step up and boldly act. 

Others are noticing your personal choices as a corporate leader. Start using your personal power and values to get louder about climate action. Lead the way and pioneer unapologetic change.

I’m on a mission for you to be seen living change.

I live and breathe what it takes to drive climate change. It’s incredibly important to me to make a difference. I ride my bike everywhere possible, have an electric car for longer trips, am vegan, and support political candidates that forward sustainable, livable communities. 

My passion for this planet has led me to develop key relationships with global corporate, NGO, and academic leaders, join and amplify social impact-focused communities (see #BikeTwitter and, produce content, become an influencer with my media reach, and host the leadership-inspiring podcast Living Change to elevate new names and spur more boldness. 

My Theory of Change:

  • Emphasize YES, and…
  • “Name and Fame” other leaders in your space without expecting it in return
  • Be THE curator of positivity, innovation, and possibility
  • Disrupt The Way It’s Always Been Done
  • There is No Wasted Effort

I want to help you live change, too!

Accelerate your impact with a highly strategic breakthrough session today. Gain insight from someone who is already making a difference and being noticed by the leaders and media you want to reach. Take the first step towards being a visible and recognized leader in your field.

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