image depicting climate march focused on a sign that says There Is No Planet B

This climate emergency demands influence and leadership

We are in a flat-out climate emergency. According to the IPCC, we now have less than 10 years to act in order to have any hope of making a difference. With a 30-year career in marketing to women, sustainability communications strategy and climate influencer relations, I know my expertise to be successful in uniquely jumpstarting the visibility and impact of any business or nonprofit leader boldly choosing to up their game.

Who I work with: Leaders driven by climate action and social impact who are ready to step up, build influence through engagement, and become a louder voice for urgent change. My social capital theories apply cross-sector in organizations that center climate action or the global sustainable development goals ( SDGs).

Why it matters to you: Too few leaders today are building their influence and social capital strategically, which means there is audience reach, trust, credibility, media relations and social impact potential left on the table. Those who commit to raising their visibility will be heard, and their organizations further recognized.

How I do it: My strategies are framed by my combined deep insight into how these spaces work, my established reputation within them, and my understanding of how speakers and media sources become seen. As well, I don’t start from scratch in this process. My own established climate action influence means my clients start with that as a foundational advantage.

My theory of change:

  • Emphasize YES, And…
  • “Name And Fame” other leaders in your space without expecting it in return
  • Be THE curator of positivity, innovation, and possibility
  • Leverage conversion stories and Surprising Influencers (same principles apply in any sector)
  • Disrupt The Way It’s Always Been Done
  • There is No Wasted Effort.

Together we can work to:

  • Bridge your name and insight to the climate and innovation news of the day.
  • Lay long-term relationship groundwork with influential journalists.
  • Use a range of social, podcast and audio platforms, and other content, for all their strategic value.
  • Ensure you become visible among *your* sector’s key influencers.
  • Reap benefits and rewards you didn’t know to ask for.

If you are ready, let’s go. 2021 climate leadership events like ClimateWeek and COP26 need visible, engaged, influential contributors like you.