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What Listeners Are Saying About Living Change

Great show that gives hope!

Living Change is one of these very few fact-based environmentally-conscious podcasts that tell a positive and inspiring story of the transition that we need to low-carbon lifestyles and to reversing (or mitigating) claimants change. Andrea’s guests are intelligible, speak naturally and persuasively. Very uplifting podcast!

Carole Maisonneuve,

Informative, human and fun

Andrea is a natural listener and interviewer, and with each episode she introduces you to a climate leader you’ll wish you’d been following for years. Put this on during your daily walk and let yourself become engrossed in a discussion about the possibilities for a clean, equitable and free future. No matter the topic, you’ll leave each episode having Learned something.


My new go to!

This is a must-listen podcast! I recently started listening to it on my way to work and from the moment I tuned in, I knew I had a new favorite. The host and guests are so engaging and inspiring. Andrea does such a great job of celebrating innovation and encouraging climate activism.

Guilherme Maia Silva,

Smart, lively and essential climate stories

As someone obsessed with climate storytelling, I am thrilled to find the Living Change podcast. Such smart leaders as guests, and Andrea makes it so fun and lively. Highly recommended!

Evan I. Schwartz,

Positive changes on climate are possible!

I work for an environmental organization and stumbled across this podcast. Climate stories can be full of doom and gloom; I so appreciate the way Andrea finds and celebrates positive changes we can all make to help our world. She drew me right in with her affirming and enthusiastic interview style.



Andrea delivers a clear, thoughtful and impassioned message, all with a sense of humor AND urgency. She has inspired me to think differently about my footprint, realize I alone can make changes, encourage others and get loud about these important issues!