Become a Visible Leader in Climate Action and Social Impact.

Maximize your professional leadership position by reflecting your core values and being publicly proactive on climate action and social impact.

Quickly breakthrough and be
seen on bigger and bolder

Quickly build a reputation as
a media resource

Quickly engage at the highest
level of sustainability and
climate- acting discussions

Ready to Take Bold Action but
Need Expert Guidance to Begin?

We’re in a flat-out climate emergency. You want to do more for climate change, but…

• Your current sustainability efforts are not getting recognition or influencing change the way you’d hoped
• It feels risky to show your personal values as a professional leader, especially since traditional leaders resist taking
steps to make a difference
• It’s difficult working within established systems

There is a solution! I’ll help you take action without the risk.

Right now is your time to be a visible force for climate impact and to reflect how your organization is leading the
charge through you. My personal success in living the change you want to inspire speaks for itself. I know what drives
change, and my significant media presence as a podcast host and influencer positions me to make an impact.


Work With Andrea

Hi, I’m Andrea Learned, a well-respected climate action
catalyst with a powerful voice in the media as both a
podcast host and influencer. I advise climate- and
sustainability-focused leaders to build their leadership
platform and establish media relationships that drive
change within a matter of months.

Together we can

Bridge your name and
insight to the climate and innovation news of the day

Lay long-term relationship groundwork with influential journalists

Elevate your organization through your exemplary personal values

Ensure you become visible among *your* sector’s key influencers

Reap benefits and rewards you didn’t even know to ask for


Why Work with Me

My Example

I am living the change
needed for climate impact.
I’m an influential voice in the
media, in my networks, and
as the podcast host of Living

My Networks

I’ve been connecting,
educating, and speaking with
global leaders in corporate
sustainability and climate
leadership NGOs for more
than a decade. I’ve built a
huge network of advocacy
and local political leaders in
transportation, housing, and
food policy. These are the
folks you can know to spur
major climate breakthroughs.

My History

I have 30 years experience
working in corporate and
NGO sector sustainability,
and climate action spaces.
I’ve been monitoring and
building relationships with
the media in those spaces
for all of that time, as well.

My Expertise

I have deep insight into how to build and leverage media relations, executive positioning, marketing, messaging, storytelling, and content to jump-start your visibility rapidly, and without the fluff.


A Stress-Free, No-Fuss
Approach to Owning
Your Climate Influence

You’re ready to own your climate influence and break
through to the next level. I get you there with a 30,000 foot
and stakeholder mapping perspective to help you own and
grow your influence, and connect the dots through:

  • Media relationship strategy

  • Event strategy

  • Impact partnerships

  • Sponsorship opportunities

Working with me is no-fuss, quick, and pointed. There are
no long sessions or big homework. In just a few months,
your whole perspective will shift you’ll be energized by the
tangible progress you’ve made.