Most of my long-time readers who have also heard me speak will tell you that my writing and speaking approach are very similar: lots of energy, enthusiasm and cutting to the chase. You can get a taste for my actual voice and delivery style by watching or listening to the clips on this page.

VPR Commentary (and HuffPost): Seeing Through A New Lens

By | 2010-06-01T13:33:38+00:00 June 1st, 2010|Cause/Social Marketing, Huffington Post Contribution, Video & Audio|

If you follow me on Twitter,  you could likely tell I was pretty excited about being able to attend the University of Michigan's (my alma mater!) commencement in early May, where President Obama spoke.  It was an incredible experience, and I left inspired to think differently and to see life through a new, more socially [...]

VPR Commentary: The Sustainability SHIFT

By | 2010-04-13T14:56:40+00:00 April 13th, 2010|Cause/Social Marketing, Video & Audio|

I've written before about how the SHIFT toward sustainability happens because so many not-so-well-recognized men and women are doing their particular part.  Driven by personal passion and encouraged by one another, these are the people we need to start to notice.  That's what inspired the commentary I wrote for my most recent VPR piece.  Here's [...]

VPR Commentary: Psychology of Climate Change Denial

By | 2009-12-18T09:50:24+00:00 December 18th, 2009|Brain Science, Socio, Anthro, Cause/Social Marketing, Video & Audio|

What motivates the average person to engage with the tough societal issues?  That's a question I'm deeply exploring in both my work and master's studies these days.  An article by George Marshall in Yes Magazine helped me put some framework around the psychology of climate change denial, specifically, and start to form some ideas for [...]

VPR Commentary: Sustainability and Consumers

By | 2009-11-27T11:28:48+00:00 November 27th, 2009|Cause/Social Marketing, Video & Audio|

There's nothing like going back to school to get a fresh perspective, and - wow - have I been learning some fascinating stuff since I stared working toward a master's degree in socially responsible business and sustainable communities through Goddard College.  The ideas and connections it is sparking, in fact, inspired my most recent commentary [...]

VPR Commentary: The Rise of the Citizen Consumer

By | 2013-08-29T19:21:48+00:00 October 6th, 2009|Cause/Social Marketing, Humanizing.Customer Experience, Sustainability & CSR, Video & Audio|

I was inspired by a recent Time magazine article to consider the new power of the "citizen consumer " in my October 5th VPR Commentary.   I celebrate this new responsibility revolution in my own buying, but I'd also suggest that marketers take heed. The way a person makes purchase decisions is influenced by much [...]

VPR Commentary: Growing the Green Economy

By | 2009-08-03T11:30:30+00:00 August 3rd, 2009|Video & Audio|

This June 30th VPR commentary is my first in what will be a regular (probably monthly) contribution.  My intention is to explore my passions for sustainable living and business practices with a bit of cultural and consumer behavior insight rolled in.  As I focused on marketing for all these years, I began to see much [...]

Gender Trends In Marketing: My Interview on Purse Strings Radio

By | 2013-08-29T19:12:15+00:00 November 20th, 2008|Brain Science, Socio, Anthro, Leadership, Video & Audio|

In an interview entitled, "Is Marketing to Women Dead?" - Maria Reitan, host of Purse Strings Radio, and I talk about how gender awareness is evolving in marketing, including which brands already address those changes in how men/women buy with their ad campaigns. Marketing to women isn't dead - but, with men shopping more and [...]