Employee Engagement: Nurturing Internal Partners

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  Thinking sustainably is about seeing the interconnections of systems around a particular business problem or issue. Since, among other things, the people involved, the natural world, and government regulations are ever-changing, there’s no way for a business to solve the sustainability issue once and for all. Businesses must embrace the fact that there will [...]

Gender and the Sustainable Brain – My Solutions Journal Piece

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The following first published in the March 2011 issue of The Solutions Journal. The crucial move toward sustainability may not come easily for either huge corporations or the average consumer, but we can hasten this evolution by identifying and nurturing the personality traits that most naturally drive sustainable living. Those qualities that we’ve long called [...]

VPR Commentary: The Rise of the Citizen Consumer

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I was inspired by a recent Time magazine article to consider the new power of the "citizen consumer " in my October 5th VPR Commentary.   I celebrate this new responsibility revolution in my own buying, but I'd also suggest that marketers take heed. The way a person makes purchase decisions is influenced by much [...]

It’s All About the Journey: Step-by-Step In Reaching Women

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  While it may be more commonly used in self-help or religious books, I've been seeing the word "journey" a lot in my sustainable business practice research. It strikes me that the word may, as well, be a good term/image both for representing a woman's buying path AND representing the path by which any brand [...]

Reaching Women Through Sustainable Business Practices

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Sometimes the stars just align and consumer trends come together in a way that seems so natural. Consider, for instance, the women's market and sustainable business practices. If you've been struggling to pursue each as a separate initiative, take heart. In many ways, you will come to powerfully reach today's savviest women by taking steps [...]