On Making Ethical Business Decisions: My Guardian Post

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If we knew what kept people from making values-based decisions in business situations in the first place, we could surely create the conditions that support increasing corporate social responsibility. So, what's stopping us? A recent NPR story about UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business research conducted by Professor Laura Kray (studying behavior of MBA students) showed [...]

Profiles in Sustainability Leadership

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In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot more attention paid to women in CSR and sustainability. Needless to say, I’m all for it, but perhaps not for the obvious reasons. While I do have a deep marketing to women background (I co-authored a book on the topic), it isn’t so much that I [...]

Where Are the Women Leaders In Sustainable Business?

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The following article first published October 23, 2013 in The Guardian. (The response was so positive that I plan to write more on this topic.)   When the Weinreb Group's "Pioneers of Sustainability" report came out last month, it highlighted the top trailblazers that sustainability professionals had nominated and selected in a vote. All six chosen [...]

Better Together: Corporate Responsibility Grows Up

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  Originally published in CSRWire, December 21, 2012. You don’t have to be an octogenarian, especially in the ever-evolving business world, to sit back in amazement and think “Wow, how things have changed.” In even the past few years, we’ve gone from seeing a majority of corporations embedded in an opaque and competitive culture to [...]

Corporate Responsibility: Driven by Values-Based Leadership

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If corporations want to find, nurture and keep the leaders who will drive more responsible business practices, they must focus in on something new and non-linear: values-based thinking. Their perfect recruits will be individuals who are less willing to drop at the office door the values they so comfortably use to navigate their personal lives. [...]

Committing to Good Business

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A recent corporate reputation survey by CR Magazine and AllegisTalent2 shows that the majority of people, even in these tough job-finding times, would still not take a job offer from a company with a bad reputation.  Specifically, the results showed that 75 percent of Americans felt this way. This fairly surprising fact should get a [...]

Game-changers for Sustainable Business Education? Coursera and edX

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We are living in history-making times.  Thanks to "edtech" partnerships like Coursera and edX, free, world-class university courses in a wide range of topics are now offered online.  And, the potential for educating people in the ways of more sustainable business thinking (among many other topics) - and for students at any level - is [...]

The Atlantic Conversation

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The Atlantic recently published an interview with me that included some good questions on trends and innovation in sustainability. Here's an excerpt: What's something that most people just don't understand about your area of expertise? How thinking big about the connections of cultural trends, consumer behavior research, and other-things-that-don't-seem-to-relate-at-all can give meaning and help build [...]