Corporate Sustainability’s Unsung Heroes

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Two recent award announcements got me thinking about an untapped communications opportunity for corporate sustainability. One was the announcement of CR Magazine’s 2013 list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens , and the other was the “honor roll” finalist list from green marketing strategist and eco-packaging company, GXT Green. The CR Magazine list, according to [...]

Communications Provincialism: The Bane of Sustainable Business

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Something is going on in sustainable business communications that makes me think of those self-help books written to make even the most brilliant of women feel comfortable talking up their brilliance. What is happening is that incredible game-changing sustainable business wisdom is developing all over the country and globe, but word of it is somehow [...]

(P)reaching Past the Sustainability Choir

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Sustainability professionals these days regularly find themselves preaching to the choir.  As with the development of any new frontier, the leading edge of innovators can initially be so thrilled to find a few like-minded thinkers that they seek each other out, attend the same conferences, join the same LinkedIn discussion groups and generally find themselves [...]

Committing to Good Business

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A recent corporate reputation survey by CR Magazine and AllegisTalent2 shows that the majority of people, even in these tough job-finding times, would still not take a job offer from a company with a bad reputation.  Specifically, the results showed that 75 percent of Americans felt this way. This fairly surprising fact should get a [...]

Game-changers for Sustainable Business Education? Coursera and edX

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We are living in history-making times.  Thanks to "edtech" partnerships like Coursera and edX, free, world-class university courses in a wide range of topics are now offered online.  And, the potential for educating people in the ways of more sustainable business thinking (among many other topics) - and for students at any level - is [...]

Abigail Rodgers Sees Sustainability As a Corporate Leadership Beacon

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While Abigail Rodgers, VP of Global Sustainability Strategy and Communication for The Coca Cola Company, had a lot of great insight to share in my latest SustainableBusinessForum piece, her idea that sustainability serves as a corporate leadership beacon my have been the most important.  If they are looking for it, I'd guess that many a [...]

Outdoor Afro: Social Media and the Sustainable Business

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My most recent SustainableBusinessForum piece takes a look at Outdoor Afro, the thriving social-media savvy business launched by Rue Mapp.  This business, which emerged from Rue's personal passion, is now powerfully connecting African Americans with nature - and with each other - and is poised to do so much more. Here's an excerpt: As the [...]

Question Assumptions. Be The Sustainability Vanguard.

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“The most impressive thing about them as scholars,” says David Easley, an economist at Cornell University, “is that in recent years they have questioned the assumptions of the models they helped to create, and they have been at the vanguard of the efforts to go beyond them.” The above quote from Jeff Sommer's New York [...]

Sustainability Thought Leadership: Shift or Show?

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Photo by Robert J. Pennington, courtesy Originally published in The Huffington Post, September 13, 2011 What if your thought leadership got you very little recognition today but contributed to an incredibly significant cultural shift that made a positive difference for generations to come? It is an interesting question at a time when business leadership [...]

Gender and the Sustainable Brain – My Solutions Journal Piece

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The following first published in the March 2011 issue of The Solutions Journal. The crucial move toward sustainability may not come easily for either huge corporations or the average consumer, but we can hasten this evolution by identifying and nurturing the personality traits that most naturally drive sustainable living. Those qualities that we’ve long called [...]