Climate Leadership From A Petri Dish

By |2016-07-03T15:23:38-04:00July 3rd, 2016|Leadership, Sustainability & CSR, Sustainability Change Agents|

Think small. Act locally. Start at home. These phrases may not seem to reflect as “grand” a climate solution as the world clearly needs, but bear with me. Some of today’s most influential climate leaders are, in fact, focusing on their closer-to-home work. So, it’s worth understanding why this may be. A recent conversation I [...]

Sustainability Leadership: Disruptively Smart Business

By |2015-11-23T13:55:57-04:00November 23rd, 2015|Leadership, Sustainability & CSR|

No matter the anecdotal activity or range of social media conversations, the move to sustainability-integrated leadership and toward a fresh perspective on gender balance is happening much, much, MUCH too slowly. Given climate change and the state of our natural resources right now, what the next generation of leaders will face is almost incomprehensible. Does the fact that your children and grandchildren will either be leading those businesses or living in a world where those leaders are making such crucial decisions provide enough reason to give this all more thought? I say yes. When dots connect, they connect.

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