Sustainability Leadership: Disruptively Smart Business

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No matter the anecdotal activity or range of social media conversations, the move to sustainability-integrated leadership and toward a fresh perspective on gender balance is happening much, much, MUCH too slowly. Given climate change and the state of our natural resources right now, what the next generation of leaders will face is almost incomprehensible. Does the fact that your children and grandchildren will either be leading those businesses or living in a world where those leaders are making such crucial decisions provide enough reason to give this all more thought? I say yes. When dots connect, they connect.

On Making Ethical Business Decisions: My Guardian Post

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If we knew what kept people from making values-based decisions in business situations in the first place, we could surely create the conditions that support increasing corporate social responsibility. So, what's stopping us? A recent NPR story about UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business research conducted by Professor Laura Kray (studying behavior of MBA students) showed [...]

Where Are the Women Leaders In Sustainable Business?

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The following article first published October 23, 2013 in The Guardian. (The response was so positive that I plan to write more on this topic.)   When the Weinreb Group's "Pioneers of Sustainability" report came out last month, it highlighted the top trailblazers that sustainability professionals had nominated and selected in a vote. All six chosen [...]

Gender and the Sustainable Brain – My Solutions Journal Piece

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The following first published in the March 2011 issue of The Solutions Journal. The crucial move toward sustainability may not come easily for either huge corporations or the average consumer, but we can hasten this evolution by identifying and nurturing the personality traits that most naturally drive sustainable living. Those qualities that we’ve long called [...]

Gender Trends In Marketing: My Interview on Purse Strings Radio

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In an interview entitled, "Is Marketing to Women Dead?" - Maria Reitan, host of Purse Strings Radio, and I talk about how gender awareness is evolving in marketing, including which brands already address those changes in how men/women buy with their ad campaigns. Marketing to women isn't dead - but, with men shopping more and [...]

Reaching Women Through Sustainable Business Practices

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Sometimes the stars just align and consumer trends come together in a way that seems so natural. Consider, for instance, the women's market and sustainable business practices. If you've been struggling to pursue each as a separate initiative, take heart. In many ways, you will come to powerfully reach today's savviest women by taking steps [...]