Andrea with blue jacket and headset/ear phones on, standing in sun, near a flower shaped solar panel array outside in San Jose.Work With Me

My clients come to me when they’re ready to own their climate influence and break through to the next level. I deliver the 30,000-foot and stakeholder mapping perspective to help them own it, grow it, and connect dots they’d otherwise never see. 

Are you ready to…

Quickly breakthrough and be seen contributing on bigger and bolder stages.

Quickly build a reputation as a media resource.

Quickly be seen contributing and engaging at the highest level of sustainability and climate-acting discussions.




To catalyze this breakthrough in your own life and work, I offer:

  • 1:1 Coaching/Advising By the Hour : social capital development, strategic conference presence, influencer mapping, media relationship building, etc.
  • Climate Impact Partnership Development: finger-on-the-pulse, disruptive sustainability and climate-focused event sponsorship opportunity guidance and introductions.

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Iron Mountain,, the Democracy Initiative, The Embedding Project, International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Restore The Earth Foundation, C2ES, the We Mean Business Coalition, and the Yale Center for Customer Insights.

Client & Colleague Testimonials

“In just a few months time, DI got on the radar of more of our key targeted media and influencers, and saw strong ROI in having worked with her. Andrea is a rare find.” – Jen Lamson, Deputy Director, Democracy Initiative

“I am consistently impressed with Andrea’s capacity to dive into a new campaign and instantly recognize connections that can be built through social media that ultimately help us meet our goals. She keeps us thinking about what’s possible. It is truly a pleasure to work with Andrea.” – Dashel Schueler, Director of Marketing, KEXP

“Andrea is a great strategic partner full of creative ideas for content and connections. She worked with us to strengthen influencer engagement, helped us launch a curation stream and elevate our experts as thought leaders. In the process, she helped connect our issues to wider circles and broader audiences. And she showed us how to leverage events and ensure our messages rise to the top of relevant conversations. ” – Emily Cousins, Communications Manager, International Boreal Conservation Campaign

“Andrea has an intuitive understanding of how to strategically leverage social media to effectively engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders.” – Hugh Byrne, Sr. Vice President, GreenBiz Group

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