I’m an independent media and influencer relations strategist working with startups, corporations and nonprofits to amplify their sustainability, climate action and social impact leadership. My dream projects involve helping clients understand the incredible power in building social capital. Aligning content, social platforms, events and speaking appearances for the greatest impact is my expertise.

The leadership secret (that shouldn’t be one) is this: Building a social platform is about building social capital that anticipates opportunities.

I’ve helped clients – including The Embedding Project, International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Restore The Earth Foundation, C2ES, the We Mean Business Coalition, and the Yale Center for Customer Insights – leverage social media in ways that include:

  • How to quietly gain competitive advantage by using social media as a business intelligence listening post.
  • How to most naturally and effectively engage with their uniquely targeted influencers – whether journalists, industry experts, academics or corporate peers.
  • How to best leverage their digital platforms around conference panels/keynotes/events.
  • How to translate the insights gained through all of the above for stronger content, events, and media relations opportunities.

My services:

Twitter/LinkedIn Jumpstart (individual leaders and/or organizations):  I first conduct business intelligence research and develop a social listening dashboard. I am then able to easily anticipate event (offline or digital) opportunities, gain insights for general website content strategy and build or re-new a strong foundation of engagement/branding in your organization’s most strategic topics. [Minimum 3-month project.].

Event-based Social Leadership Strategy: Once the initial jumpstart work has been done, I am called in to conduct strategic oversight/management of a client’s Twitter handle for specific milestone events. Most clients use this service leading up to and around a conference where they seek a boost in their influence/leadership profile. [2-month project. This is a great way to maximize impact and become a very visible industry influencer reaching a wider range of stakeholders – including the media].

Career Timeline

2001 – Realized not enough attention was being paid to women consumers, especially in the online space, so started a marketing to women consultancy.  Based in Bellingham, Washington.

2004 – Co-authored Don’t Think Pink (AMACOM) and launched a few years of speaking on marketing to women topics. Moved to Burlington, Vermont.

2007 – Realized more value in applying my  knowledge to writing, consulting and doing public radio commentary on women as green consumers. See my HuffingtonPost archives and my  Vermont Public Radio audio archive.

2008 – Joined Twitter, and focused on three topics: marketing to women, CSR and sustainability.

2009 – Segued my writing and consulting projects toward a corporate sustainability leadership focus. Started work toward my M.A. in Sustainable Business and Communities.

2011 – Delved more deeply into corporate sustainability leadership while completing my thesis on the evolution of sustainability leadership. See my Solutions Journal piece on “Gender and the Sustainable Brain.”  and a profile of me in The Atlantic . Moved to Seattle, Washington.

2015 – Segued into corporate climate action as part of the We Mean Business Coalition communications strategy team in the months leading up to COP21 and the Paris Agreement. Contributed to Twitter engagement that helped position @WMBtweets in the Top 20 Brands during COP21.

2017 – Starting exactly January 20, 2017, zeroed ALL IN on the power of #cities4climate , #women4climate and #bikes4climate in building leadership platforms for climate acting nonprofits, NGOs, startups and corporations. As well, on that exact date, I fully committed my pro bono time to the global social impact and solidarity-forwarding music nonprofit (and Seattle-based community radio station), KEXP.org. I wrote about their August 2017 celebration of national community radio in the HuffingtonPost.

2018 – In the past decade, I’ve built solid climate action and sustainability influence using mainly my Twitter presence . I now consult almost exclusively on the art of Twitter (and LinkedIn) engagement for leadership development in those sectors. In June, I wrote a piece for GreenBiz about my 5 Ls Theory, which is the basis of my client work.

Client And Colleague Comments

“Andrea has been an incredible resource during her time working with KEXP. For every project she’s been a part of, she’s offered valuable insights, created online connections that result in off-line partnership, and informed long-term strategic direction for how we can increase our impact in the community. I am consistently impressed with Andrea’s capacity to dive into a new campaign and instantly recognize connections that can be built through social media that ultimately help us meet our goals. She keeps us thinking about what’s possible. It is truly a pleasure to work with Andrea.” – Dashel Schueler, Associate Director of Development, External Relations, KEXP

“Out of the gate for just a two-month project, Andrea helped us jump start a new Twitter handle, engage with our key influencers, and be ‘seen’ at industry events we were attending for the first time. With her deep sustainability and social impact background, she was able to identify strategic opportunities that helped us amplify the impact of our blog posts. If you know you need to build a social media presence to launch new products or amplify milestones, I can’t recommend Andrea enough. Her strategic mind and social media savviness will be a benefit to you and your company.” – Susan Fairchild, Director of Investor Relations and Impact, Green Canopy

“Our work with with Andrea Learned on the 2016 Climate Leadership Conference in Seattle helped make the conference a huge hit on social media. Her expertise and vast network made even a small, event-driven project like this an extremely worthwhile investment for the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.” – Marty Niland, Communications Manager, C2ES

“Andrea has an intuitive understanding of how to strategically leverage social media to effectively engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders.” – Hugh Byrne, Sr. Vice President, GreenBiz Group