I’m a deeply values-driven strategic advisor and consultant specializing in the whys and how of climate action influence.  (For more, listen to this podcast interview with me, or see my Manifesto page.)  Among my current focus areas:

  • The global plant-based food systems transition, with an emphasis on leveraging surprising influencers. As part of this, I curate the #PlantBased4Climate Twitter conversation.
  • The North American #Bikes4Climate transition. This includes an embrace of and bridge to the forwarding of the entire e-mobility sector , which also includes last mile business delivery and microhub innovations.
  • The why and hows of Climate Influence that include the above topics as well as #Women4Climate.

I work with clients in two ways:

  1. Advising: on brand and leadership awareness. Monthly retainers (short-term only) include building intentional social capital , planning around events and milestones, deep media relations strategies, content strategy, and more.
  2. Sponsorships: for my #Bikes4Climate , #PlantBased4Climate and #ClimateInfluence platforms.

From my early marketing to women consulting and writing career (I co-authored Don’t Think Pink, 2004), to my corporate sustainability and COP21 engagement strategy work, to my personal influence and Twitter audience-building since 2008, there is a through line of smart social media and climate influence engagement. It’s about niche influencer relations as opposed to consumer-facing campaigns. I bridge transportation and food systems transition topics to timely news, wrapped in climate emergency urgency. I know how to leverage opportunities that your own communications team likely has never had have time to track.

My clients have included:  50by40.org, the Democracy Initiative, The Embedding Project, International Boreal Conservation Campaign, Iron Mountain, Restore The Earth Foundation, C2ES, the We Mean Business Coalition, and the Yale Center for Customer Insights.

Recent Content/Media

  • BikeTalk: A fascinating discussion with Bowinn Ma, MLA and Minister of State for Infrastructure in North Vancouver-Lonsdale, British Columbia re: being an eBike riding politician and how that impacts her policy making work.
  • BikeTalk: My conversation with David Miller, C40 Cities, re: #Bikes4Climate
  • BikeTalk: My conversation with Lloyd Alter of Treehugger, re: ebikes and climate action.
  • BikeTalk: my conversation with EV pioneer Chelsea Sexton about the need for multi-modal love for all things powered by electrons rather than fossil fuels.
  • BikeTalk: Robin Chase (founder of ZipCar and pioneer in the transportation sharing economy and climate action) and I talk eBikes, multimodal transportation and her Freedom Network vision for rural America.
  • My #PlantBased4Climate introduction post
  • #PlantBased4Climate / #ClimateInfluence : My workshop video on climate conversion storytelling and surprising validators for the plant-based food systems sector.
  • The Virtuous Cycle interview with me (great backgrounder on #Bikes4Climate)
  • My GreenBiz piece on leadership platform development and using social capital sparingly and strategically.

Client And Colleague Comments

“I’ve hired Andrea to help two different progressive change coalitions in two different countries jumpstart their presence on twitter. Most recently, I contracted her for a short Democracy Initiative effort to build out our leadership platform development and coach our leadership and communications team. She quickly got up to speed in the complex democracy issue space and was effective getting our work visible in new sectors (including leveraging her own climate action networks on our behalf). I especially appreciated strategic brainstorms that were just the right balance of ambitious and pragmatic for our budget and approach. To ensure we maintained social capital building momentum beyond her contract, Andrea also coached our team around Twitter community engagement theory, and helped us strategically leverage responsive, strategic content. In just a few months time, DI got on the radar of more of our key targeted media and influencers, and saw strong ROI in having worked with her. Andrea is a rare find.” – Jen Lamson, Deputy Director, Democracy Initiative

“Andrea has been an incredible resource during her time working with KEXP. For every project she’s been a part of, she’s offered valuable insights, created online connections that result in off-line partnership, and informed long-term strategic direction for how we can increase our impact in the community. I am consistently impressed with Andrea’s capacity to dive into a new campaign and instantly recognize connections that can be built through social media that ultimately help us meet our goals. She keeps us thinking about what’s possible. It is truly a pleasure to work with Andrea.” – Dashel Schueler, Associate Director of Development, External Relations, KEXP

“Andrea is a great strategic partner full of creative ideas for content and connections. She worked with us to strengthen influencer engagement, helped us launch a curation stream and elevate our experts as thought leaders. In the process, she helped connect our issues to wider circles and broader audiences. And she showed us how to leverage events and ensure our messages rise to the top of relevant conversations. ” – Emily Cousins, Communications Manager, International Boreal Conservation Campaign

“Andrea has an intuitive understanding of how to strategically leverage social media to effectively engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders.” – Hugh Byrne, Sr. Vice President, GreenBiz Group