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Above is a quick video of me sharing my thoughts on the POWER in developing influence and thought leadership through Twitter engagement (from a happy hour at SXSWEco 2014, no less).  This gives you a great sense of my enthusiasm for the topic, if nothing else.


I’m an independent consultant who helps climate action and social impact nonprofits and leaders to develop authentic thought leadership and thriving digital platforms. With a personal passion for sustainability, my dream work is using my extremely niche expertise to expand the “footprint” or archive from which future generations of climate action leaders, especially, can learn.

Among the strategic ways I’ve helped clients learn about and leverage social media (specifically with org/business-facing – not consumer-facing – leadership goals):

  • How to most naturally and effectively engage with other influencers in your field of interest.
  • How to leverage your digital B2B presence at conference panels/keynotes/events for best ROI in that commitment.
  • How to quietly gain competitive advantage by using social media as a business intelligence “listening post.”

My services include the following, but I also do a lot of customized projects to get organizations rolling and feeling the “love” of this approach very quickly:

One-time digital presence opportunity audit – includes 10 point review and baseline suggestions for Twitter and LinkedIn profile & stream curation, general website content strategy suggestions, upcoming event leverage ideas, key hashtags and more. [2-week turnaround in most cases. Great foundation for your 2017 online digital platform building strategy.]

Twitter jumpstart (organizational or individual) – includes “business intelligence” research and development of dashboard, event (offline or digital) identification and opportunities, general website content strategy consulting, a foundation of engagement/branding in the topics you curate, coaching for Twitter chats, and more. [3-month project. Excellent option for those who have begun, but may not yet have begun to actively leverage their social media presence. Serves as a foundation for amplifying any future blog posts/content, speaking gigs, digital publicity efforts, and organizational announcements, among other things.]

One-time event-based Twitter handle management – includes the strategic oversight/management of your organization or personal Twitter handle for a specific period. Most clients use this service leading up to and around an event where they seek a boost in their influence/leadership profile. As well, it can serve as a mini-jumpstart of follower-ship, engagement and influence. [2-month project is ideal. Great way to maximize impact with short notice, and to begin to be seen as an influencer in your key topic areas with a variety of stakeholders (including the media)].

Coaching/Maintenance Mode – For each of the above, the next phase is either a traditional monthly maintenance level contract with strategic consulting/coaching of your communications team members. Another option is the use of phone- based coaching, via the Clarity app (which is also useful for quick, ad hoc brainstorms with shorter notice).

Whether it’s my background in marketing to women or my now 11 years of focus on sustainability and leadership, the thread that runs through my career is this: guiding others in how to build meaningful, human scale connections that grow business and amplify their cause or industry wisdom.

Client And Colleague Comments

“From the first week we worked with Andrea, it was obvious she knew how to identify conversations and influencers that would be important to our impact investing and foundation audiences. She has an uncanny ability to catch onto the flow of a discussion, to see the important events or chats for us to join, and to spy ways we’d otherwise never have noticed to reach an ever broader range of stakeholders.” – Stephanie Gripne, Founder, Impact Finance Center

“Our work with with Andrea Learned on the 2016 Climate Leadership Conference in Seattle helped make the conference a huge hit on social media. Her expertise and vast network made even a small, event-driven project like this an extremely worthwhile investment for the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.” – Marty Niland, Communications Manager, C2ES

“Andrea has an intuitive understanding of how to strategically leverage social media to effectively engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders.” – Hugh Byrne, Sr. Vice President, GreenBiz Group

The Backstory

I enjoyed an early career in writing and consulting on marketing to women – during which time I also co-authored Don’t Think Pink. This led to my taking a deeper look at who leads in business and how they tell their stories or build their networks of impact. All of this collided (in a good way) with my personal passions for sustainability, climate action and impact investing.

In 2011, I wrote my Master’s thesis (Goddard College, Sustainable Business & Communities program) on the leadership traits of successful corporate sustainability executives. Along the way, and driven by my desire to share more of what I was learning, I developed an expertise in using social media for influencer engagement. Today, the ability to significantly and collectively amplify innovative ideas or world-changing messages drives my work as both a writer and consultant.

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