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Let’s GO Plant-Based For Climate #PlantBased4Climate

close up of vegetable in CSA box to reflect plant-based eating

What we put on our plates does matter. (Photo credit: Lisa from Pexels)

June 7, 2021 update: I spoke with Arturo Jose Garcia recently about the potential for plant-based investors and influencers to more intentionally (and loudly) share about the climate action values alignment. Here’s the link (anyone can listen to this audio/no need to have a Fireside account). Build social capital now. There are so many ways to leverage it for the cause.


I’ve started using the #PlantBased4Climate tag on Twitter and LinkedIn because there seems to be a void (or fear?) in communications and messaging around the topic.  Those of us forwarding this choice, specifically driven by climate concerns, have not done a great job bridging the two – and that will be SO key in this climate emergency.

A solution does, indeed, sit on our plates. Helping more people see why they should choose plant-based eating CAN help the momentum and social norming needed to influence political will in global food systems discussions, if we do it right.

  • There are stories of city mayors and other political leaders (Cory Booker!) who have moved to a plant-based diet, but too many have not yet “outed” themselves. (Let’s help them!)
  • There is research that shows that consumers actually ARE nudged a bit by seeing meat’s carbon emissions when those numbers are put in front of them.
  • There is (plentiful) data that TELLS the story, available (and not being leveraged broadly enough) via PlantBasedData and 
  • There are “conversion stories” of surprising validators just waiting, patiently, to be better used in this time of crisis.

I could go on, but just wanted to start the discussion.  I’ll be curating a stream of #PlantBased4Climate information, news, and leaders to follow, via my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (as I’ve done for years with my #Bikes4Climate work).

Join me. Use the tag. Connect the plant-based dots to climate more boldly. There is huge opportunity.  Contact me if your team could use strategic advising around it.