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After another summer with not enough paid work, while also dreaming of workplace community, the time has come: I’m looking for a (likely remote) full-time external impact, strategic communications and/or influencer relations job in the sustainability, climate action, social impact or bicycle-as-transportation areas.

Those of you reading this know that I have some pretty great networks (you are in them, after all!), twenty-five plus years of writing and content development experience, and significant expertise in digital media and influencer relations.

In my years as an independent consultant, I’ve helped a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit and NGO clients more strategically approach the intersection of communications, business/membership development and media/influencer relations.  In both my client and pro bono impact projects (see my LinkedIn page or more on that, here), I’ve consistently seen the social capital, media connections and otherwise, seemingly quiet “wins” pay off big. I absolutely love the work.

That said, my aim is to find an organizational or corporate “home base”’ where the climate action influence and networks I’ve been recognized for, along with my years of insight about broader sustainability topics and leadership, can be scaled to their greatest impact.

The most interesting sectors to me – and the ones where I can jump right in with my networks and strategic knowledge – include: clean energy, electric vehicles, nonprofit conservation or climate action, urban transportation/planning and city sustainability.

While it feels odd to have made this “ask” so publicly, this is truly an example of the worth in social capital. I’ve built such a great group of trusted friends in my Twitter and LinkedIn communities that I feel comfortable putting this all out there.

Thank you for helping me spread the word.

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