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Being “Schooled” On Social Media Engagement

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons/Austin Kirk

As is so often the case when you interact with students, you get perhaps more than you give. Yesterday I was part of a fun panel at the University of Washington Program on the Environment where we clarified social media myths and helped the students see that maybe, just maybe, it’d be worth committing to Twitter for their future professional lives.

Despite  the not-ideal Periscope quality, the video IS worth a look/listen.

A few of my key points, as tweeted real-time by the students:

The extra tip about the “5 Ls” is that few organizations or individuals seem to take advantage of the LOVE UP phase – which I view as so critical. Instead, they move straight to leveraging (they think) their message by broadcasting it without first building a trusting, engaged audience. (THIS is what I love to put into practice and coach clients around, so contact me if it sounds too familiar.)

Fellow panelist, E&E News/Energywire‘s David Ferris shared great insights on how an environmental journalist uses Twitter and some interesting details about his recent work covering Puerto Rico in it’s Hurricane Maria recovery. And, Washington Environmental Council’s Communications Manager, Kristi Nakata , contributed a whole other angle, offering tips on how to get cause-minded citizens interested enough to actually ACT via email newsletters and social channels.

The whole back and forth, with great questions from P. Sean McDonald’s well-prepared students, was energizing (and gave me hope).