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Climate Action Means Business – My Next Step


The fantastic but perhaps little understood thing about social capital building through Twitter is that you truly DO develop what feels like a warm, supportive in-real-life style community – with each member looking out for one another. Like any other community (in churches or schools, for example…), it can then be pretty jarring when an active member doesn’t show up as often. That’s why I wanted to share my current work transition.

As of April 1, I have taken a full-time social media strategist position with the incredible We Mean Business Coalition communications team. The seven partner organizations truly “acting boldly” on climate in this impressive coalition include BSR, CDP, CERES, The B Team, The Climate Group, The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group and WBCSD.

If “sustainability” has not quite yet seemed urgent or compelling enough for global corporate leaders, the combined efforts of influencers in this group should be able to move that needle. 2015 will be all about the “road to” and THROUGH Paris and December’s COP21 talks.

All of that being the case, for the next year I’ll be tweeting less from my own account, and will be generally less around as @AndreaLearned. I will miss those great daily interactions with so many friends, but I know that staying within my personal bandwidth for this concentrated period of time in order to work on this world-changing issue will be worth it.

I’d love for you to follow along with We Mean Business by adding @WMBTweets to your stream, and becoming part of the loud voice of the #WeMeanIt tag.

And, even though you won’t see me “out there” as much, I will (of course!) be supporting all the great sustainability leadership work and community-building happening on Twitter in spirit.

What a year this is going to be!


Special thanks to Oatsy40 for use of the image.