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Spark Your Social Networking Enthusiasm & Comfort

sparkI’ve been doing some foundational work with a client recently that rewards me in a way I didn’t anticipate. It turns out I really enjoy helping business thinkers find their passion and written voice. With those things established, it is then easy to enable them to write in ways that include and celebrate the work of others – or to frame concepts and ideas more “socially” from the start.

Because I focus on B2B, and that realm tends to get short shrift when it comes to real engagement, it is a really fun moment when the the fire ignites for someone who has:

  • not been confident in their written voice
  • not thought they had the time or capacity to get “social”
  • not really researched the good things going on in Twitter conversations or LinkedIn group discussions for their particular industry
  • not realized that they elevate their company – as well as their own career – by contributing to social conversations
  • not realized that by sharing their wisdom it makes their customers proud to be their customers
  • not realized that social networks are about building one-to-one relationships
  • not realized HOW POWERFUL THE RELATIONSHIP BUILDING aspect of social media can be (for connecting with customers and building thought leadership)

A smart woman newly exploring social media for her own startup asked me a great question yesterday: “Doesn’t a person’s success with social media really depend on whether or not they are socially inclined in general?”  The answer, in my experience, has been both yes and no. Most have some ability to tap it, especially around a business topic they are excited about.

The trick is in finding that topic or angle that lights up the social networking novice and figuring out a way to intentionally build quality relationships, to learn both with and from one another. The sharing and network expanding reverberates from the community that is built in this way; it is a very comfortable launching pad.

As ever, what motivates me is helping jumpstart clients in sustainability or CSR-related fields so they even begin to see the potential of social engagement. Contributing in a real conversation about a meaty issue that will ultimately push all parties involved a bit further in their sustainability pursuits (and grow their businesses) is the best reward.

I’d love to help you or your company start that fire.