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LinkedIn Makes the Business Case for Thought Leadership

Did you notice Leslie Kaufman’s piece in yesterday’s New York Times? LinkedIn is building its publishing presence and there’s a reason you should take note. While no one was looking – and while many have been dialing in to the possibilities of Twitter and Facebook (less so Google+, which is a whole other incredible opportunity that you should be exploring!) – the “job hunting network” has been putting new emphasis on content. By way  of their “Influencers” offering, they’ve been proving the point that content strategy builds thought leadership.  And, it seems like CEOs are beginning to embrace this network where they have been slow, or loathe, to take on blogging and building a social media profile elsewhere.

What does this mean for sustainability’s thought leaders? Take a look – if the world’s CEOs are heading there and deeming LinkedIn credible and worthwhile as a platform (and they are truly committing to it – likely with much help from communications staff), those with wisdom about how to do business more sustainably need to be in that mix.

As Daniel Roth, Executive Editor of LinkedIn noted in the interview for this NYT piece:

“… traffic to all its news products had increased eightfold since Influencers was introduced, although he would not say from what base it was measured. Top posts routinely record more than 100,000 views, according to the site’s own accounting.

With obvious delight, Mr. Roth conveyed what may be the most telling measure of success: ‘We have a long list of C.E.O.’s who are asking to get in,’ he said.”

Get Linked, people! The business leaders we need to teach about sustainability are already there, and I’d love to help.