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Why Bikes? My Personal Sustainability Driver


What is with my obsession with bikes and why do I veer into urban transportation so much in my otherwise more sustainable business and corporate social responsibility-focused writing and social network sharing?  Being interviewed for a recent GOOD piece on the corporate sponsorship opportunities for bike share programs got me thinking…

Women, urban biking and sustainable business are the ultimate intersection of who I am, the work I do and my hope to make a long-term contribution to the sustainability movement.

Who I am: I am practical, efficient, outdoor-active, curious, and Midwestern-born and raised (I’m guessing that’s where the practical comes from).

The work I do: My core expertise is marketing to women, which to me means the understanding of how they make decisions and become engaged with companies. In 2008, my personal lifestyle led me to identify and develop work that connected the women’s market with what I REALLY loved – sustainable business .

How I hope to contribute to movement scale change: I am absolutely driven to use my knowledge about women – as consumers and business leaders – to move sustainability forward.  Riding my bike around Seattle and realizing the difference it  can make if more people can be persuaded to bike in cities leads me back to women as the key. They influence one another, they draw in their kids and partners, they spread the word about how fun it is, the form community… and, I believe in their sustainability power as do-ers, business thinkers, and leaders, beyond measure.

That is why I Tweet on urban biking related topics, why I am passionate about connecting corporate responsibility with opportunities like bike share programs, and why I am on a Bicycle Urbanism panel here in Seattle in late June. It is not all that I am or study, but it is my root.

So, what is YOUR personal sustainability driver?

I’m developing a blog series on this topic (what personal moment or story connects you with your work in sustainable business or corporate social responsibility?).  I would love to include your tales, so please comment or email me to share yours. The less obvious the connection, the better story is, so don’t be shy!