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Abigail Rodgers Sees Sustainability As a Corporate Leadership Beacon

While Abigail Rodgers, VP of Global Sustainability Strategy and Communication for The Coca Cola Company, had a lot of great insight to share in my latest SustainableBusinessForum piece, her idea that sustainability serves as a corporate leadership beacon my have been the most important.  If they are looking for it, I’d guess that many a corporation involved in sustainability is noticing a similar pattern: that many senior leaders, and perhaps mainly women, seem to flock to those positions and roles that are of and about furthering it.

Rodgers’ career experiences and reflections, which I share in this piece, should help you learn more about how your own corporation/organization can draw in, inspire, nurture, engage, and reward its sustainability change agents and leaders (male or female).

And, if you are seeing similar “sustainability as beacon” patterns in your own organization, please let me know!  I’ll follow up on with another article later in the year.

Here’s an excerpt:

To put the three sustainability-encouraging themes Rodgers and I discussed in a nutshell, the advice to other sustainability-striving corporations might most simply be: question assumptions. Don’t assume a particular and set definition of sustainability. Don’t assume your employees/leadership teams leave their home values at the office door (instead, hope and pray they don’t!), and, finally, go way outside of the obvious bounds when brainstorming about potential partners.