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Studying Up on Women and Sustainable Business

I’m excited to share that I have just launched a regular column on women and sustainable business for the SustainableBusinessForum.  The introductory piece is simply a call to study up on women.  I don’t suggest this solely because women are likely to be a crucial consumer market for your company, but because understanding how they think, make decisions and connect will give you a real advantage in organizational change, product development, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and so much more.

My intention with this column is to introduce concepts, ideas and networks you’ve never noticed before as you wisely develop your sustainable businesses.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Sustainability and women are inextricably linked.  This is not because of soft inclusive reasons, but for hard inclusive business reasons.  If interconnecting systems of operations, production, shipping, community involvement, environmental responsibility, and more are what we seek, the wider the variety of brains and human traits involved in corporate decision-making, the better. While we have a long tradition of rewarding linear and independent thinking, sustainability will demand a new priority on the relational and interdependent.