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VPR Commentary: The Sustainability SHIFT

I’ve written before about how the SHIFT toward sustainability happens because so many not-so-well-recognized men and women are doing their particular part.  Driven by personal passion and encouraged by one another, these are the people we need to start to notice.  That’s what inspired the commentary I wrote for my most recent VPR piece.  Here’s an excerpt:

In any industry or expertise, there are those working to SHIFT, and there are those working to SHOW.  I see value in both.  We need the high profile names, so that the New York Times or Fast Company will cover and promote the power and innovation of a sustainable business approach.  But we also need lots of smaller stories of quiet shift to catch the imagination of the masses.

We have the power to be, and to share, the stories that combine as greater social proof that sustainability is worth the effort.  If you can help via your Twitter and Facebook feeds, or through your own blog posts – spread the word of the “shifters” you know.