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VPR Commentary: Growing the Green Economy

This June 30th VPR commentary is my first in what will be a regular (probably monthly) contribution.  My intention is to explore my passions for sustainable living and business practices with a bit of cultural and consumer behavior insight rolled in.  As I focused on marketing for all these years, I began to see much broader implications for how we can use our knowledge of human/consumer behavior for the good.  I’m excited to now be able to share my thoughts in audio format with both my local Vermont audience and you.


This piece bubbled up after I heard Van Jones, the Obama administration’s green jobs czar (he has a much more official title), speak at a lunch in Vermont in May.  His words made me think how exciting it was that the “green expertise” of this state could do so much good for the nation –  especially by way of collaborating with the expertise, workforces or manufacturing facilities of neighboring states.