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Gender Trends In Marketing: My Interview on Purse Strings Radio

In an interview entitled, “Is Marketing to Women Dead?” – Maria Reitan, host of Purse Strings Radio, and I talk about how gender awareness is evolving in marketing, including which brands already address those changes in how men/women buy with their ad campaigns. Marketing to women isn’t dead – but, with men shopping more and starting to pay attention to the things women have long noticed, it might be time to call it “marketing to feminine brain traits” (a mouthful, I realize).

Listen in for an introduction to my latest research, and check out the Purse Strings Archives, as well – there are a lot of great interviews with women’s market thought leaders.

Is Marketing to Women Dead

Is Marketing to Women Dead is answered as Author, blogger, speaker and marketing to women expert Andrea Learned how transparently marketing to women really serves the gender trend Andrea sees emerging today

Show Host:
Maria Reitan

Show: Purse Strings

Channel: Advertising