I’m a writer and social strategist by way of marketing to women and sustainable business. The thread that has run through my 25+ year career has been building connections in meaningful and human scale ways.

How does my much loved, post-college job managing a fine furniture studio connect to my social focus today? No matter the frame, it has always been about seeing behind the task at hand, and looking beyond the next quarter, to connect people and projects in ways that move the big ideas forward. When strange bedfellows get together to change their industry or the world, I am in heaven.

Between fine furniture and my current life in the social sphere, I’ve enjoyed a career in writing and consulting on marketing to women that led to a deeper look at organizational leadership and then collided (in a good way) with my personal passion for sustainability.  From there I wrote a Master’s thesis on what makes for good corporate sustainability leadership, and that’s when I jumped into social networking with both feet. Connecting and discovering how social engagement can so significantly amplify ideas and messages – and forward movement scale change – is what now drives my work as both a writer and social engagement consultant.

A bit of background on my career and research: