About Andrea LearnedI help business and nonprofit executives develop authentic thought leadership and engage effectively across digital and social media. I truly see this as a way to ensure the world has a bigger “leadership footprint” from which future generations can learn.

Some of the issues I help clients with:

  • how to strategically develop a written voice and blog post editorial strategy
  • how to use social media presence to leverage conference panels/keynotes for most impact
  • what and how to contribute to online conversations to be seen as a leading voice
  • how to engage with other influencers in your field, to mutual benefit
  • how social media practice, even a few months before an event, can make a huge difference
  • how to make all of the above a lot more fun and professionally rewarding

Whether it’s my background in marketing to women or my now ten years of focus on sustainability and leadership, the thread that runs through my career is this: guiding others in how to build meaningful, human scale connections that grow their businesses.

If you aren’t quite sure if you are ready for my help, but could use a bit of quick strategic thought leadership guidance, feel free to use the Clarity app to schedule a call.  Clients have found it to be a straight-forward Paypal-based way to get immediate questions answered affordably, while also getting a sense for whether my expertise would be valuable for longer term projects.

The Backstory

How does my much loved, post-college job managing a fine furniture studio connect to my social focus today? No matter the frame, it has always been about seeing past the task at hand, and looking beyond the next quarter, in order to connect people and projects in ways that move the BIG ideas forward. When I am part of matching up “strange bedfellows” to change their industry or the world, I am in heaven.

Between fine furniture and my current life in the social leadership sphere, I’ve enjoyed a career in writing and consulting on marketing to women that led to a deeper look at organizational leadership… and then collided (in a good way) with my personal passion for sustainability.

From there I wrote my Master’s thesis (Goddard College, Sustainable Business & Communities program) on the leadership traits/characteristics of successful corporate sustainability executives. Driven by my desire to share more of what I was learning, I jumped more fully into social networking. Realizing how social engagement can so significantly amplify innovative ideas and world-changing messages is what drives my work as both a writer and consultant.

Andrea, On Video, On Twitter & Leadership

Here’s a quick video of me providing y take on the power in developing thought leadership through social media (especially Twitter) engagement:

My client and colleague comments include:

“Andrea is truly an expert in this domain, is highly connected to the CSR/Sustainability field and is a creative problem solver.” – Nicole Trimble, former Sr. Director of Corporate Responsibility at Outerwall

“Social whisperer. That’s the simplest way to describe how effective Andrea is at tying social engagement to broader business goals with positive results. She goes the extra mile to make connections your business doesn’t know it needs, especially in corporate social responsibility.” – Jocelyn Milici Ceder, Senior Content Strategist, Brown Paper Tickets

“Andrea has an intuitive understanding of how to strategically leverage social media to effectively engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders.” – Hugh Byrne, Sr. Vice President, GreenBiz Group

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