Hello. I’m Andrea Learned.

I develop the personal brands and digital platforms of impact innovators.
In other words, I do what I love.

Please use this site and my writing archives as a resource, and contact me when you are ready to dive in...

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Latest Blog Posts

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    Business Leaders: Expose Yourself to “Love”

    One of the more challenging things for business leaders to understand about social media is how much it is about sharing “love.” When I bring it up with clients, I usually need to pause for the “wait… what?” response. The general concept may demand an extra mindset shift for those in the business-to-business (B2B) world. […]

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    Bright Lights. Brand Reflection.

    I’m irritated. This past weekend, I had yet another conversation with an incredibly smart and talented woman, seriously lauded in her own professional right, whose supposedly innovative employer would prefer she not burn her light too brightly. As in — the company does not support her getting recognition for her incredible expertise via her personal Twitter account, […]

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    Event-Driven Digital Leadership…For The Win

    Committing to Twitter around just one short, strategic period of time – a beta test’s worth – will help you see its incredible value for listening, learning and better leading.

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My writing and consulting focus areas

Gender & Marketing

My path to sustainability and social media was through marketing to women, so that is the “lens” through which I write about sustainability and leadership, and through which I approach social engagement (relationship building, communications, investment). It all started with the work and research I did as a co-author of Don’t Think Pink I then realized I wanted to leverage that knowledge for a broad sustainability impact. And, that’s where Gender and the Sustainable Brain comes in. I wrote that piece, which outlines my perspective on the marketing to women and sustainability connection (and why it matters) for The Solutions Journal.

Sustainability & CSR

Having chosen to live in places like Portland, OR; Bellingham, WA; Burlington, VT; and now, lovely Seattle, WA, it became clear that I was driven by the desire to be in and around people thinking about sustainable business and corporate social responsibility. As the tech entrepreneurs say, I “pivoted” from marketing to women into this specialty in 2008, leveraging my writing and social networks to dig in. Whether writing or doing communications consulting, I look for counterintuitive angles, big picture trends to connect with and interesting voices, as yet unheard – for the purposes of corporate brand and thought leadership development.

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Social Engagement

Building social capital is how you create change and amplify impact. I have been blown away by how I’ve seen this to be true through networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (for now) and absolutely love to help clients gain from real engagement and investment in the relationship building process. Whether with a sustainability/CSR focus or not, there is incredible power in building community, sharing appreciation of the great wisdom, research and innovation already out there… and connecting with an audience around your own thought leadership along the way. None of what I advise is a hard sell – as that is not an authentic way to make human connection. Instead, social engagement prepares the ground or fortifies the foundation from which leaders can contribute and interact with broader ideas and new audiences. But, you have to dive into the practice of being “social” in a way that works for you. Helping you or your small team figure that out is my goal.

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